International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2022

Every December 3 is International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPWD). On this day, we work to increase awareness and understanding of disability issues and the importance of the dignity, rights, well-being, and integration of people with disabilities in all aspects of life.

For IDPWD this year, Colchester-East Hants Public Library will be highlighting accessible resources in-branch and on our social media and website over the next two weeks.

We have also created an IDPWD reading list: International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2022. This is a collection of books for adult readers that centre and celebrate the lives and experiences of people with disabilities.

Accessibility at Colchester-East Hants Public Library

Earlier this year, the Interregional Advisory Committee for Library Accessibility (IACLA) released the multi-year IACLA Accessibility Plan for six regional libraries, including Colchester-East Hants Public Library. Read the full plan.

Find more resources and information about accessibility at Colchester-East Hants Public Library at


We want to hear from you! If you experience an accessibility issue with one of our services or locations, or if you have any feedback or questions about accessibility, please contact our Admin Office (902) 895 – 0235 or complete this form.